taphouse studio

Bear Bangers

Bear Bangers is one of the first games of Taphouse Studio – an endless mobile tapping game perfect for the free time on commute!

Bearville has got unexpected visitors – the dancing bears who have destroyed the peace of the village. As a result they have filled up the river with their friends and creating parties everywhere.

Help the ranger bang the floating bears, and most of all  watch out for the salmon, as they are the good ones!  

In the menu you can check your resume and how well you are doing compared to your friends and the bangers around you.

Our Story

We are a startup female game studio that creates casual mobile games within the freemium model. Our juice is conveying a narrative setting, using quirky and creative instruments, which gives the player a fully fledged game experience within a non complex gameplay.

In addition to the first game in development now, we  have 3 more games in the pipeline; we don’t just dream of making one game, but a whole series of games!

Simply put, our vision is to become the first female founded casual studio to make  it big!

We have lots of exciting news to share with you in the upcoming months – behind the scenes of creating Bear Bangers and other characters in 3D. In addition,  get a special sneak peak of the development of our other games in the pipeline – Pop Job, Labyrinth and Unicornia  and fill you in on the exciting part of being a startup.

And finally the most exciting part – watch out for some giveaways of the first merch for the game!